Cutting Costs, Not Quality

Buffalos CafeCutting costs and increasing quality products seem like two very different goals, but both can be achieved, even in the food industry.

I was able to save Buffalo’s Cafe $41,200, while improving the quality of food we serve.

Here’s how we did it:

Burgers: We switched from purchasing 20-pound cases of bulk ground-beef to perfect 8-ounce patties that arrive in 27-pound cases. Our burgers are more consistent, cook faster and have overall better quality than our previous product.

Fries: We lowered costs through french-fry vendor consolidation and increased each pack of fries from 27 to 30 pounds, lowering fees by 10 percent.

All in all, we have increased burger sales by 30 percent and continue to save time on distribution and packing at Buffalo’s Cafe!

One of my favorite parts of my job is figuring out how to make things as efficient and cost-effective as possible, while continuing to make delicious-quality food for our customers.

There’s never a dull moment in the food service industry and I love every second of it!

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Fatburger Foodie Roundup

Every now and then I like to give a shout-out to some of Fatburger’s biggest fans. I love seeing people around the world enjoying a meal with us.
Here’s a quick round-up of my favorite foodie photos from this month:

1. The “Fatburger Buddies” Shot
Fatburger @mbrags
Photo Credit: @mbrags

2. The “Maple Leaf” Shot
Fatburger @shelbysieppert
Photo Credit: @shelbysieppert

3. The “Hello from Indonesia!” Shot
Fatburger @plaza_indonesia
Photo Credit: @plaza_indonesia

4. The “About To Get Devoured” Shot
Fatburger @_davidcarnero_
Photo Credit: @_davidcarnero_

5. The “Craving Lunch Now” Shot
Fatburger @donjulioe
Photo Credit: @donjulioe

I love it when our fans share their Fatburger experience with us! Thank you to everyone who follows Fatburger on social media and continues to share the love. Have a great weekend!

Why We’re Different

Burger joints seem like a dime a dozen in America. So what makes Fatburger stand apart from the crowd?

A few things…

1. We’re Fresh 
We use fresh, not frozen, beef patties for all our burgers. What really sets us apart is that you can see your burger being made in the restaurant. When you bite into a Fatburger, it will taste like it came straight from the grill, because it actually did.

2. We’re Unique 
Fatburger patties have a specialized flavor. All our patties are made from lean beef and are covered in a proprietary spice blend. We also use mustard instead of ketchup. You can always order a burger with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, but what about an egg? Like I shared with The Street earlier this month,  at Fatburger we sell a lot of burgers with egg on them. In our earlier days they would call it the hangover burger.

3. We’re Flexible
At Fatburger, we don’t have as much red tape to work through when it comes to introducing new food items. If there’s a good idea cooking, we’re able to jump on it and make it happen more quickly than a larger franchise.

We are a quick-service restaurant chain that stresses the importance of quality taste and quality customer service. It’s something I, as the CEO, take personal pride in and strive to meet every single day.

The Floydburger

All eyes are on boxer Floyd Mayweather as he trains for his big fight against rival Pacquiao.

As part of his training, Floyd is sticking to an all-organic diet which sadly means farewell to one of his favorites: Fatburger.

When we heard that Floyd was bummed about saying goodbye to his regular Fatburger fix, we knew we had to do something about it.

Enter the totally organic Floydburger.

Darin Feinstein, owner of the Las Vegas Fatburger where Floyd frequents, stepped up and created a special all-organic beef burger exclusively for Floyd. Now Floyd can include Fatburger as part of his training-friendly diet.

We wish Floyd the best of luck as he continues to train and we’re all rooting for him in his big fight!


What It Takes To Work At Fatburger

Smart. Dedicated. Passionate.

These are the qualities I look for in Fatburger employees.

Smart employees, ones who are able to see new opportunities for the company and have the courage and know-how to pursue them, are essential to Fatburger’s success. We are a company that thrives on innovation and growth. Like I recently shared with BusinessNewsDaily, having employees who can spot development opportunities, weigh the risks and know where the big rewards lie is a must. Knowing how to take smart risks that reap big rewards is an important skill to have.

Dedication is an essential quality to have in every employee. Dedicated employees see things through to the end and have the company’s back. Having employees who are invested in the brand and who match the enthusiasm I have for Fatburger creates an energetic and inspiring work environment.

Passion goes hand-in-hand with dedication. I love to hire people who are as excited about our business as I am. Knowing I have a team of employees who believe in the Fatburger brand motivates me to continue to lead this company to better and bigger heights.

I appreciate all the work my employees put into this business — from flipping burgers to working with me at our corporate headquarters. Fatburger stands on a foundation of hardworking, dedicated employees and will continue to succeed thanks to them.




Fatburger Minus The Beef

This week I wanted to take a look at our Fatburger Delhi location, which opened in August 2014.

As we planned our menu for this location we took a step back from our usual all-things-beef fare and created a new menu to match Indian cultural preferences.

What does a Fatburger menu look like sans beef? Absolutely delicious!

Fatburger New Menu

We introduced chicken, lamb and vegetarian options and sprinkled in the traditional flavors and spices of India.

One of the items we created for our guests is the Peri-Peri Paneer wrap, which incorporates Indian curd cheese into a flour tortilla, mixed in with lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.

Another item we were excited to debut is The Zesty, a soya patty burger that infuses citrus mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and our homemade relish.

It’s a fun challenge to have Fatburger restaurants in over 32 different countries and we enjoy adapting our menu to match other countries’ cultural preferences.

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Fatburger Foodie Spotlight

I love going online and seeing customers post their Fatburger meal of choice on their social media accounts! I would like to start this week off with a little round-up of some of our favorite Fatburger foodie shots from last month:

#1: The “Give Me All The Food” shot 


Photo cred: @london_ellis

#2: The “When Burger Met Curly Fries” shot 


Photo cred: @bignic_misledsoul

#3. The “Bacon is a Beautiful Thing” shot. 


Photo cred: @nataramos85

#4. The “Pre-Workout Meal” shot 


Photo cred: @thisisj1 

It’s always a good feeling to see our customers around the world enjoying the food we provide. I personally like seeing the different combos all of you choose, whether it’s the XXXL Burger with a side of fries or the Veggie Burger with a dollop of ketchup for good measure. Have a great week!

We’re growing!

CEO Andy Wiederhorn

Hello readers! I have some exciting news to share from our offices at Fatburger.

In line with our global expansion movement I am excited to announce that Fatburger restaurants will be opening in Kuwait, Libya and Tunisia in 2015!

We already operate 22 restaurants in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) including chains in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Lebanon.  We’re excited to add these new restaurants to our team.

We will be offering a vast range of fresh, healthy menu options including vegetarian options and burgers made with 100% Halal lean meat.

It’s an ambitious project and we are excited to see where this will take us. Thank you to all our Fatburger customers worldwide!