Back To Our Roots

fatburgerrrToday I wanted to take time to reflect on the past and talk about a couple of major historical events that made Fatburger what it is today. Our quality pledge is a great reflection of this and works as a reminder to our fans that we consistently strive to set ourselves apart from other burger franchises.

Let’s go back to the roots. Fatburger was founded by Lovie Yancey in 1947. Imagine a three stool hamburger stand made entirely of scrap materials. Crazy, right? Fatburger is living proof that every business starts from nothing.

Music is also a huge part of Fatburger’s past and present. From Lovie Yancey cooking up burgers in her kitchen for musicians after their performance to having Ice Cube visit a location on January 20th 1992 (that’s the day he talks about in his song titled, “It Was A Good Day”). There’s even rappers who have actual stakes in Fat Burger franchises. E-40 brought Fatburger to San Francisco, Kanye opened a couple locations in Chicago, and Pharrell was behind the chain opening in China. In that very kitchen of Lovie’s, the culture of music and delicious burgers merged together to make Fatburger what is it today. Who knew that very time in history would lead to hundreds of Fatburger’s around the world feeding people the juiciest, tastiest, burgers they’ve ever had?

Also, be sure to check out our Fat Tracks Spotify playlist!

Spotted: Fatburger At The Golden Globe Awards

As you may know, the 72nd Golden Globe Awards was this past Sunday, January 11. Each year the Academy recognizes excellence in film and television, both domestic and international. The event is telecast to 167 countries and is generally ranked as the third most-watched awards show each year, right behind the Oscars and the Grammy Awards.

The celebration continued after the awards show ended Sunday night, as celebrities gathered to mingle and grab a bite with fellow colleagues at various after-parties. Fatburger had the wonderful honor of catering The Weinstein Company & Netflix’s Golden Globes after-party in Beverly Hills. Here’s some of my favorite shots from the party!

christoph waltz

Ever the gentleman, Christoph Waltz shares his Fatburger with hungry eyes.

amy adams

Amy Adams lunges for Christoph Waltz’s cheeseburger.

heidi klum

Heidi Klum enjoying her Fatburger french fries at the after party.


US-Cuba Shift Could Benefit Fatburger & Other Franchises

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The United States broke commercial ties with Cuba 54 years ago after Fidel Castro took office as Prime Minister then President. Following President Barack Obama’s recent announcement of re-established diplomatic relations with Havana, US-Cuban trade is poised to resume and economic ties are expected to follow.

What does this mean for Fatburger?

About 4 years ago, we began discussing franchises with potential business partners in Cuba. Now those discussions have a chance at being put into action. Once Fatburger gets U.S. government approval, my goal is to open 6 to 12 stores but it could take six months to a year to open the first round of these.

Discussing some other challenges with Associated Press, I also realize, “The economy will be our biggest challenge; the purchasing power of the consumer is very limited.”

Despite any challenges this new opportunity presents, we’re excited to continue efforts towards the expansion of Fatburger overseas!


Fatburger On America’s Biggest Burgers


There’s nothing like a delicious, juicy burger! These burgers take it to a whole new level. Fox News recently did a roundup of American’s Biggest Burgers and Fatburger’s XXXL made it onto the list! Be wary, this meaty list of burgers may leave you with a food coma just by looking at it.

Fox News mentions:

“LA-based Fatburger takes its burger game to the next level with a massive triple patty, 24-ounce burger called the XXXL. The bravest eaters in the country can try the XXX Challenge– you just have to finish an entire burger with all the fixings for a chance to earn a spot on the wall with the other XXXL champions. The current record holder finished a shockingly tall 16-patty Fatburger.”

If you’re feeling up for the challenge, find your nearest Fat Burger and try the XXX Challenge yourself!

The Great Fatburger Kitchen Cook Off Winner

Fatburger challenged its social media fans to build their own burger using Fatburger patties sold at Walmart. Fans were required to post videos on the Fatburger Facebook page for a chance to win $10,000 and a trip to Los Angeles to participate in “The Great Fatburger Kitchen Cook-Off”. Three finalists were then chosen and evaluated by a panel of Fatburger judges based on creativity, originality, appearance and taste at the Beverly Hills location.

fat burger sdasd

The winner of the Great Fatburger Kitchen Cook Off and $10,000 goes to Lorin C. Congratulations!!!

Fat burger cook off


The Skinnyburger and Hiked Beef Prices

Have you heard about our bun-less burger? We’ve unleashed a new “Skinnyburger” where the bun IS the burger. Imagine a 1/3-pound patty sliced in half with cheese, pickles, onions and your favorite condiments layered in between. This burger is perfect for those carb conscious eaters as it only contains about 320 calories. That’s about 250 calories less than a regular Fatburger!

Skinny Burger

Despite the recent hike in beef prices, we’ve managed to keep sales up and put out an even meatier burger. We know that customers are willing to pay more for what they consider a quality hamburger, so we maintain our success by sticking with a burger recipe which we have stayed true to for over 60 years.

I met with CNBC recently to discuss this in more depth:

“We’re going after that customer at McDonald’s or Burger King, and dragging them up to our space. We’re going after the casual dining customer at a Red Robin, and dragging them down to our space, because of the price point.”

Thanks to our devout Fatburger fan base, we’ve been able to maintain the high quality burger offerings we’re so proud of and introduce a new, meatier burger that’s better for you!

Fatburger Maintains Top Food Franchise Title in Entrepreneur

fatAfter enduring a long list of qualifications, Fatburger has kept its title as one of the best franchise brands to invest in. Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Fatburger in their 2014 Franchise 500, under Top Food Franchises.

Entrepreneur offers some appreciable advice for those considering a franchise:

“No matter what part of the world you’re in, it pays to do your due diligence before buying a franchise. Read the company’s legal documents, consult with an attorney and accountant, and talk to existing franchisees to find the right fit for you and your region”.

Interested in owning a Fatburger restaurant? Do your due diligence and head over to the Fat Opportunities page of our website for details on launching your own burger franchise. Good food equals good business!

Taking a Franchise Overseas Isn’t Always Smooth Sailing

Political protests, disease outbreaks, terrorist campaigns, these are just a few on the unforgiving factors U.S. business owners are considering when expanding a franchise internationally. Fatburger has accomplished the impossible by flourishing in some of the world’s most unstable countries. As of today we have opened restaurants in 32 countries since 2007. I recently had the opportunity to chime in with Businessweek about seeking franchise opportunities overseas:

“Consumers all over the world love American brands, especially burgers, shakes and fries. I knew there was a huge opportunity for us overseas.”

Keeping the dangers of some areas overseas at top of mind, I also added…

“We are always concerned about the security of our employees.”

So, we monitor local events to better manage and assess risk. If the risk is too high, we shift focus to another area.

burger-1920x1080Fatbuger opens in Delihi, India (Source: GQ India)

I took a considerable risk with this global expansion plan and made sure to invest time towards market research in each region before opening any stores there.

American Express also joins the conversation on whether global instability can damage your business. Be sure to read the entire article for some great insights on how I’ve adapted to markets around the globe, but here’s a little teaser featuring yours truly:

“You have to have a long-term view of your business relationship country by country in terms of your strategy[.] If your long-term strategy is that you want to be in this market, then you’ve made that commitment and you have to weather it and stay the course. You may not stay with a particular location if it becomes more trouble than it’s worth to deal with. But it doesn’t mean you’re exiting that country.”