Fatburger to Open its First Gas Station Location

First, we offered co-branded Buffalo’s Cafe and Fatburger restaurants. But today, we’re doing something totally different: a Fatburger co-located with a gas station. It’s all happening in Livermore, CA, in Northern California. This will be our first co-location of this nature, but rest assured, it’s going to be the full Fatburger experience.

Here’s what I had to say on the topic to CSP Magazine (Convenience Store and Fuel News):

Through our opening in Livermore, we hope to provide an easy, accessible way for the community to grab their burgers on the go. Expanding into areas where there are currently no stores is part of the daily commitment we make to all Fatburger fans. We look forward to re-establishing ourselves in the Northern California market.”

If you’re in the bay area, get ready, our cooked-to-order burgers are coming soon.

Check out the full write-up over at CSP Magazine.