What Are You Loving This Month?

Over at Fast Company, they have a regular column entitled “The Recommender,” in which they ask creative people in business what sort of devices, apps or tools in general they are loving this month.

I had an opportunity to chime in with my favorite devices at the moment. Here’s what I had to say, but please click through to see what the group recommended this month.

Lenovo Think­Vision LT1421. This travel monitor is light and has a screen that you can write on–excellent when you are on the go. I use it to sign documents and things of that nature. Mophie Juice Pack Plus: When you’re running from meeting to meeting, there’s no time to plug in your phone. This ensures that I don’t miss an important call.”

I’m often traveling internationally, so these two devices are always with me when I’m on the road.

[Photo credit: the Mophie Juice Pack Plus for the iPhone 5S is pictured above via the Mophie website: www.mophie.com]