Recent Appearances on Fox Business and Bloomberg TV

I recently made a couple of media appearances that I wanted to share with you.

The first is my appearance on the “Money with Melissa Francis” program on Fox Business. In the clip, Melissa and I chat about expanding into embattled foreign markets like Iraq and Libya.

Money with Melissa Francis
I get a chance to explain how food transcends politics and why Fatburger is moving into emerging markets.

The second clip I wanted to share, is an appearance I made on Bloomberg TV, in which I chat with Pimm Fox about how to compete in fast food and how Fatburger is differentiating itself from other chains.

Andy Wiederhorn on Bloomberg TV
I get a chance to tell the history of Fatburger and specifically our menu. Pimm Fox seemed dismayed by some of our meal’s calorie counts, so I had to set the record straight. (No, we don’t have any 2,000 calorie menu items).