Fatburger On America’s Biggest Burgers


There’s nothing like a delicious, juicy burger! These burgers take it to a whole new level. Fox News recently did a roundup of American’s Biggest Burgers and Fatburger’s XXXL made it onto the list! Be wary, this meaty list of burgers may leave you with a food coma just by looking at it.

Fox News mentions:

“LA-based Fatburger takes its burger game to the next level with a massive triple patty, 24-ounce burger called the XXXL. The bravest eaters in the country can try the XXX Challenge– you just have to finish an entire burger with all the fixings for a chance to earn a spot on the wall with the other XXXL champions. The current record holder finished a shockingly tall 16-patty Fatburger.”

If you’re feeling up for the challenge, find your nearest Fat Burger and try the XXX Challenge yourself!