Philippines, Here We Come!

Morning Metro Manila

I am proud to say that Fatburger and Buffalo’s Cafe are officially coming to the Philippines! We signed a master development agreement with Trimark Holdings Inc., a retail operator throughout the Philippines with a portfolio of more than 40 brands and 300 stores. Because the economy in the Philippines has seen significant growth in the past few years, this shows a great amount of potential for both of our restaurants. Due to Trimark Holdings being so familiar with brand expansion in the country, we will be able to better connect with our audience resulting in our menu being well received.

Next time you’re vacationing, take a trip to the Philippines and stop by a Fatburger or Buffalo’s Cafe!

Late Night Eats


Say goodbye to late night cravings! UberEATS is rounding out #EATSWEEK by offering Fatburger during those late night hours from 12am to 3am in Los Angeles. The promotion runs from Thursday, October 15th to Sunday, October 18th, so you won’t want to miss out! It’s a short promotion, but an influx of orders this weekend can increase the chances of it coming and staying in LA for good! And if you’ve never used UberEats before you can use the code LATENIGHTLA for $10 off! Such a great deal!

Hope you all enjoy your late night Fatburger! I know I will!

Fatburger Fan Friday

It’s finally Friday and the beginning of a new month! I love getting to see what Fatburger fans like to order, so I’m doing a roundup of some of my favorite Fatburger Fan Pictures from this past month! Kicking off October on a yummy note!

1) The “Bigger is Better” Post

looneyspoonPhoto Cred:


2) The “Fat Fry Friday” Post

starskr33m Photo Cred:


3) The “Simplicity is Key” Post

alvinc314 Photo Cred:


4) The “2 Is Better Than 1″ Post

nhoj0323Photo Cred:


5) The “Large and in Charge” Post

eyebunsPhoto Cred:


Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! Happy October Fatburger Fans! Keep sending in those Fan Photos!