Late Night Eats


Say goodbye to late night cravings! UberEATS is rounding out #EATSWEEK by offering Fatburger during those late night hours from 12am to 3am in Los Angeles. The promotion runs from Thursday, October 15th to Sunday, October 18th, so you won’t want to miss out! It’s a short promotion, but an influx of orders this weekend can increase the chances of it coming and staying in LA for good! And if you’ve never used UberEats before you can use the code LATENIGHTLA for $10 off! Such a great deal!

Hope you all enjoy your late night Fatburger! I know I will!

Limited Time Offers!

Limited Time Offers

Looks like it’s that time of the year again when the weather gets a little cooler and pumpkins start sprouting everywhere. It’s one of favorite seasons, and I’m so glad to announce some of Fatburger’s Limited Time Offers. In the mix are Sweet Potato Fries and a mouthwatering Mushroom Swiss Fatburger. And it wouldn’t be fall without a Pumpkin Pie Milkshake!

Don’t forget these are only available for a LIMITED TIME. Dash over to your nearest Fatburger for one or ALL of these tasty treats!

How Do You Fatburger?

It’s so exciting getting to see all the ways that Fatburger fans choose to customize their burgers! Here are some of my favorites from this month featured on the Fatburger Instagram account:

1) No Beef Here!











2) The Bun-less Burger












3) The All-In Burger











Keep sending in your fan photos! I love getting to see how all of you customize your Fatburgers, and what your favorite combinations are!

Over 60 Years of Deliciousness


At Fatburger, we are proud to say that we’ve been doing things our own way since 1952. Because we make custom burgers one at a time, there a few things you will notice at every Fatburger. Every burger is grilled when you order it. We use only 100% USDA lean beef that is always fresh and never frozen. Our onion rings come from onions, not the freezer. Both our onion rings and fries are cooked in 100% cholesterol-free oil. Our shakes are made with real hand-scooped ice cream. Our famous chili is made with a secret blend of herbs and spices, so this means no generic burgers. Lastly, we pride ourselves in never having lame music!

I am proud to say that Fatburger has and always will be the same that it was 60 years ago. Cheers to 60 more years!

It’s Grilling Time!


It’s summer time which means it’s time for BBQs and tons of time spent outside by the pool. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a Fatburger! Our Fatburger patties are available at stores around the nation, which means you can customize our world famous burger any way you want. I like topping off my Fatburger with a fried egg! Our Fatburger patties are made for barbecuing, so serve them at your next backyard bash!

Happy grilling!

“Eater NY” Offers Up a Comprehensive Guide to New York City Hamburgers

Traveling to New York City anytime soon? If you are, I must recommend that you peruse this very comprehensive guide to the city’s burger joints. Not content to merely breeze through the city’s most popular restaurants, author Nick Solares breaks the city’s burger world down into styles. And that’s precisely where Fatburger gets a nice mention. Nick’s description of the California Style burger couldn’t have been more on target. Please head over and read the full piece, but here’s a small excerpt for you to get started with:

The California burger aesthetic is about the synergy of the ingredients. The thin beef patties don’t work if served plain, the way a big, bawdy burger might at an NYC tavern. But suitably dressed with vibrantly colored vegetables and dripping with special sauce, the burger becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Arguably the most quintessential example of the form is In-N-Out Burger, the California based chain that has a cult like following. Blue 9 Burger, which opened well over a decade ago in the East Village, sells a burger inspired by In-N-Out, although a change in ownership has lessened the association as the menu has become diluted. Petey’s in Astoria is a more faithful representation these days and both the The Counter and Fatburger, two California chains, operate outposts in NYC. McDonald’s Big Mac, arguably the most iconic of all hamburgers, also originated in California. In actuality, the Big Mac is a copy of the Big Boy sandwich from Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, CA. The original Big Boy sandwich dates back to 1937 (the Big Mac was added to the McDonald’s menu nationally in 1968). You can of course find Big Macs at any of the city’s 240 McDonald’s.”

[Photo Credit: Nick Solares / NYC Eater]