Fatburger Fan Friday

It’s finally Friday and the beginning of a new month! I love getting to see what Fatburger fans like to order, so I’m doing a roundup of some of my favorite Fatburger Fan Pictures from this past month! Kicking off October on a yummy note!

1) The “Bigger is Better” Post

looneyspoonPhoto Cred: https://instagram.com/looneyspoon


2) The “Fat Fry Friday” Post

starskr33m Photo Cred: https://instagram.com/starskr33m


3) The “Simplicity is Key” Post

alvinc314 Photo Cred: https://instagram.com/alvinc314


4) The “2 Is Better Than 1″ Post

nhoj0323Photo Cred: https://instagram.com/nhoj0323


5) The “Large and in Charge” Post

eyebunsPhoto Cred: https://instagram.com/eyebuns


Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! Happy October Fatburger Fans! Keep sending in those Fan Photos!

National Cheeseburger Day

In honor of National Cheeseburger Day, I wanted to share one of my favorite Fatburger moments! Here the two-time Oscar winner, Christoph Waltz, was just trying to enjoy his Fatburger at the 2015 Weinstein Company Golden Globes afterparty, when his Big Eyes costar Amy Adams got some, well, big eyes. She lunged for the burger, which Waltz kindly handed over — partly out of self-defense.

Hope everyone gets to enjoy a yummy Fatburger today to celebrate one of my favorite holidays!

Mint Chip Float

Check out this amazing Mint Chip Float cocktail and all the exclusive cocktails at the Koreatown Fatburger. Looks like a fun time! I love sharing in the celebration, but please remember to not share with those under the legal purchase age of alcohol. Cheers!

The Impacts of Higher Minimum Wages



I have been the CEO of Beverly Hills, CA-based Fatburger since 2006. Watching the debate on higher minimum wages, things are changing quickly! Fatburger is thriving and growing quickly. We have about 200 units scattered around the world in 32 different countries … and we have about 350 more stores in our pipeline to be built in those 32 countries. We also own a sister brand called Buffalo’s Cafe, which is based in Atlanta, and Buffalo’s is in about 20 of those 32 countries.

Although true, change is inevitable. The voting public is smart. Voters are thoughtful and considerate, and they must have considered the effect this is going to have on consumer prices when they backed their elected officials to promote this. Somebody has to pay for raising the wages that restaurant workers by 50 percent, and it’s not going to be the operator. I’m sure that the voting population figured that out when they listened to the pitch on why it made sense to raise wages and raise benefits, and I’m sure they don’t mind paying $7 instead of $5 for a hamburger or whatever, because that’s what it’s going to mean. And that’s going to be across the board, and the guys that don’t raise their prices are going to go out of business 100 percent.

All of our employees are paid at least 50 cents more an hour than minimum wage, but if minimum wage goes up, even those that aren’t earning minimum wage will expect a proportionate increase. If everybody gets a 50-cent or dollar increase per hour everybody wants a dollar, not just the minimum wage earners. All of your employees are key to the success of the relationship with your customer, but the industry has done an excellent job over time providing entry-level jobs and long-term career jobs depending on your tenure and skill set and areas of interest.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a lower headcount. What this situation might do is lower the level of customer service that a customer gets in a restaurant to reduce costs. You might see more kiosks, more technology, or less customer service to make up for the cost of labor, but then you have a deteriorating experience, and that’s bad generally for business.

All in all, the restaurant industry is massive. It’s a very mature industry so prices are very efficient and there’s tremendous competition, so I don’t think there’s a lot of squeezing to do by everyone. You may see landlords reduce rents … because operators can’t afford it or it pushes back into an economic crisis. Certainly food and beverage makes up a significant portion of retail tenancy. You could argue that the guys who survive will do better because the guys who go out of business will, that eliminates competition and the guys who make it will reap the benefits of fewer guys competing against them.


Show Me How You Shake

I want to shake it up and give a quick shout out to some of Fatburger’s biggest fans! I love seeing people around the world enjoying a meal with us!

1.  “Shake’s Too Good” with @alexx_n_white










Sometimes you end up finishing off your shake before you even get your food. Don’t worry about it! Happens to the best of us!

Photo Cred: @alexx_n_white


2. “View of DTLA” with @ngndan










It’s nice to see a little calm to the storm that is bustling Downtown Los Angeles!

Photo Cred: @ngndan


3. “Waiting Patiently” with @rachelalalala










Waiting for your Fatburger and fries? Calm your grumbling stomach with a delicious Oreo shake!

Photo Cred: @rachelalalala


4. “A Little Bit of Everything” with @nivekochica










It’s great seeing you guys combine all your favorites in your pictures, including a delicious whipped-cream-topped shake!

Photo Cred: @nivekochica


5. “Sunnies on the Side” with @big_hud










Slip off those shades and head for a refreshing shake with a side of Fatburger!

Photo Cred: @big_hud


I want to thank all Fatburger fans for continually spreading the love! It’s amazing to see how all of you are enjoying our shakes this summer!


Epic Burger Rap Battle

This is the juiciest, most epic rap battle about burgers. Today, Fast Company shared this video highlighting the rivalry between some of the best burgers in the nation. The burger rivalry is one that has affected countless generations and is still very much alive today. Luckily, with Fatburger there’s no need to pick a side! Whether you’re on the east, west, or somewhere in the middle, you can find a Fatburger location! Argument settled! It doesn’t matter what side of the nation you’re on. We’ve got you covered with a delicious Fatburger every time!

Find your nearest Fatburger today: http://bit.ly/1NsMCMf

Fry-Day Favorites

TGIF! I love scrolling online and seeing Fatburger fans posting their favorite meals with us! Fries are one of my favorites to see fans munching on!
Here’s a quick round-up of my favorite Fry-Day photos:

1. The “Smothered in Love” Shot


Photo cred: @elllllysa

2. The “Fry Bandit” Shot










Photo cred: @anindyaadi

3. The “Fry Overboard” Shot










Photo cred: @lvl5vegan

4. The “Pep(per) in my Step” Shot


Photo cred: @emirgrows

5. The “More is More” Shot










Photo cred: @youminlim

I love seeing Fatburger fans enjoy our delicious golden fries, whether they be curly, chili cheese, or plain and salty. Hope all of you have an amazing weekend!



Bringing Fatburger Back To Detroit

I am extremely pleased to announce the grand reopening of Fatburger Detroit!


We welcomed many guests through our doors during the grand reopening earlier this week. It’s always a good feeling to see customers enjoying our custom-built burgers, fat fries, milkshakes and other menu favorites.

We have an amazingly dedicated fan base in Detroit and we are pleased to partner with new owner Korey Davis for this venture.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by!

For more information on Fatburger Detroit and other locations, visit Fatburger.com


Cutting Costs, Not Quality

Buffalos CafeCutting costs and increasing quality products seem like two very different goals, but both can be achieved, even in the food industry.

I was able to save Buffalo’s Cafe $41,200, while improving the quality of food we serve.

Here’s how we did it:

Burgers: We switched from purchasing 20-pound cases of bulk ground-beef to perfect 8-ounce patties that arrive in 27-pound cases. Our burgers are more consistent, cook faster and have overall better quality than our previous product.

Fries: We lowered costs through french-fry vendor consolidation and increased each pack of fries from 27 to 30 pounds, lowering fees by 10 percent.

All in all, we have increased burger sales by 30 percent and continue to save time on distribution and packing at Buffalo’s Cafe!

One of my favorite parts of my job is figuring out how to make things as efficient and cost-effective as possible, while continuing to make delicious-quality food for our customers.

There’s never a dull moment in the food service industry and I love every second of it!

For more information about Buffalo’s Cafe, visit www.buffaloscafe.com.