Foodservice Equipment Reports Talks About Fatburger-Buffalo’s Synergy

I caught this nifty piece over at Foodservice Equipment Reports.

Click to read the entire piece, but here’s the gist of their article:

The 2,000-sq.-ft. co-branded restaurant, serving Fatburgers and Buffalo wings from almost the same cookline, opened in December 2012. Customers voted with their wallets. The dual-branded store’s sales soon jumped 25% to 30% above typical Fatburger units, and franchisees began clamoring for their own Buffalo’s Express makeover.


“From a menu standpoint, burgers and wings go well together—they’re both hand-held, quick-casual-type meals,” Newell says. The fact that wings make for better carryout meals than more delicate burgers and fries also helped boost unit volumes—especially on weekends with big sports events.

From an operational standpoint, burgers and wings, which use essentially the same set of cooking equipment, also are a good match.

As the article goes on to suggest that while our co-branded restaurants pump up sales by 25-30%, serving the two brands only requires that we add three equipment pieces: an extra fryer, a cook-hold cabinet and a breading table. It’s quite an amazing efficiency.