The Skinnyburger and Hiked Beef Prices

Have you heard about our bun-less burger? We’ve unleashed a new “Skinnyburger” where the bun IS the burger. Imagine a 1/3-pound patty sliced in half with cheese, pickles, onions and your favorite condiments layered in between. This burger is perfect for those carb conscious eaters as it only contains about 320 calories. That’s about 250 calories less than a regular Fatburger!

Skinny Burger

Despite the recent hike in beef prices, we’ve managed to keep sales up and put out an even meatier burger. We know that customers are willing to pay more for what they consider a quality hamburger, so we maintain our success by sticking with a burger recipe which we have stayed true to for over 60 years.

I met with CNBC recently to discuss this in more depth:

“We’re going after that customer at McDonald’s or Burger King, and dragging them up to our space. We’re going after the casual dining customer at a Red Robin, and dragging them down to our space, because of the price point.”

Thanks to our devout Fatburger fan base, we’ve been able to maintain the high quality burger offerings we’re so proud of and introduce a new, meatier burger that’s better for you!