Our First UK Site


I am proud to announce that we have opened our first European site in London’s Camden! As global demand for our products grows, it became time to bring the Fatburger and Buffalo’s Express experience to Europe! As London is such a dynamic city, I am confident that tourists and locals alike will enjoy our delicious American cuisine.

Where do you think we should expand to next?


Fry-Day Favorites

TGIF! I love scrolling online and seeing Fatburger fans posting their favorite meals with us! Fries are one of my favorites to see fans munching on!
Here’s a quick round-up of my favorite Fry-Day photos:

1. The “Smothered in Love” Shot


Photo cred: @elllllysa

2. The “Fry Bandit” Shot










Photo cred: @anindyaadi

3. The “Fry Overboard” Shot










Photo cred: @lvl5vegan

4. The “Pep(per) in my Step” Shot


Photo cred: @emirgrows

5. The “More is More” Shot










Photo cred: @youminlim

I love seeing Fatburger fans enjoy our delicious golden fries, whether they be curly, chili cheese, or plain and salty. Hope all of you have an amazing weekend!



The Perfect Grad Present!

It is graduation season and everyone is scrambling to find the perfect congratulatory gift. We have the best idea for you last minute shoppers! Customize a Fatburger E-gift card to send to your favorite graduates, they deserve to be spoiled!


Give the celebrants the gift of a mouthwatering burger, fries, and a shake. To order your fully customized Fatburger gift cards, visit www.fatburger.com.

The Old-Fashioned Comes To Fatburger

Mad Men may have ended, but Don Draper’s favorite drink is still available, right here at Fatburger.

We recently opened a full bar with a specialty cocktail menu  (including the Old-Fashioned of course!) at our Koreatown location in Los Angeles, CA. Take a look:

Posted by Fatburger on Friday, May 15, 2015

Bringing Fatburger Back To Detroit

I am extremely pleased to announce the grand reopening of Fatburger Detroit!


We welcomed many guests through our doors during the grand reopening earlier this week. It’s always a good feeling to see customers enjoying our custom-built burgers, fat fries, milkshakes and other menu favorites.

We have an amazingly dedicated fan base in Detroit and we are pleased to partner with new owner Korey Davis for this venture.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by!

For more information on Fatburger Detroit and other locations, visit Fatburger.com


Fatburger Foodie Roundup

Every now and then I like to give a shout-out to some of Fatburger’s biggest fans. I love seeing people around the world enjoying a meal with us.
Here’s a quick round-up of my favorite foodie photos from this month:

1. The “Fatburger Buddies” Shot
Fatburger @mbrags
Photo Credit: @mbrags

2. The “Maple Leaf” Shot
Fatburger @shelbysieppert
Photo Credit: @shelbysieppert

3. The “Hello from Indonesia!” Shot
Fatburger @plaza_indonesia
Photo Credit: @plaza_indonesia

4. The “About To Get Devoured” Shot
Fatburger @_davidcarnero_
Photo Credit: @_davidcarnero_

5. The “Craving Lunch Now” Shot
Fatburger @donjulioe
Photo Credit: @donjulioe

I love it when our fans share their Fatburger experience with us! Thank you to everyone who follows Fatburger on social media and continues to share the love. Have a great weekend!

Why We’re Different

Burger joints seem like a dime a dozen in America. So what makes Fatburger stand apart from the crowd?

A few things…

1. We’re Fresh 
We use fresh, not frozen, beef patties for all our burgers. What really sets us apart is that you can see your burger being made in the restaurant. When you bite into a Fatburger, it will taste like it came straight from the grill, because it actually did.

2. We’re Unique 
Fatburger patties have a specialized flavor. All our patties are made from lean beef and are covered in a proprietary spice blend. We also use mustard instead of ketchup. You can always order a burger with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, but what about an egg? Like I shared with The Street earlier this month,  at Fatburger we sell a lot of burgers with egg on them. In our earlier days they would call it the hangover burger.

3. We’re Flexible
At Fatburger, we don’t have as much red tape to work through when it comes to introducing new food items. If there’s a good idea cooking, we’re able to jump on it and make it happen more quickly than a larger franchise.

We are a quick-service restaurant chain that stresses the importance of quality taste and quality customer service. It’s something I, as the CEO, take personal pride in and strive to meet every single day.

What It Takes To Work At Fatburger

Smart. Dedicated. Passionate.

These are the qualities I look for in Fatburger employees.

Smart employees, ones who are able to see new opportunities for the company and have the courage and know-how to pursue them, are essential to Fatburger’s success. We are a company that thrives on innovation and growth. Like I recently shared with BusinessNewsDaily, having employees who can spot development opportunities, weigh the risks and know where the big rewards lie is a must. Knowing how to take smart risks that reap big rewards is an important skill to have.

Dedication is an essential quality to have in every employee. Dedicated employees see things through to the end and have the company’s back. Having employees who are invested in the brand and who match the enthusiasm I have for Fatburger creates an energetic and inspiring work environment.

Passion goes hand-in-hand with dedication. I love to hire people who are as excited about our business as I am. Knowing I have a team of employees who believe in the Fatburger brand motivates me to continue to lead this company to better and bigger heights.

I appreciate all the work my employees put into this business — from flipping burgers to working with me at our corporate headquarters. Fatburger stands on a foundation of hardworking, dedicated employees and will continue to succeed thanks to them.




Fatburger’s First Kiss

Many of you have probably seen the “First Kiss” viral video from last year. For those of you who haven’t, the video documented what it would be like for 20 strangers to be filmed kissing each other within minutes of meeting each other.

This Valentine’s Day we at Fatburger decided to do our own version of the “First Kiss” social experiment and the results are nothing short of beautiful.

See for yourself:

For more videos and photos check out Fatburger’s social media pages. Thanks for reading!